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Parents Don’t Practice What They Preach About Equality

June 15, 2011 Female Q: My parents are always saying negative things about the gay community! I am so to speak still in the closet from them… only one family member and a few friends know im gay… My question is how can two people who have always told their children that everyone is equal […]

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Scared To Lose My Children If I Tell Them

June 15, 2011 Female Q: I have had feelings for girls since I was little. I didn’t think it was “bad” until I was a teen and heard how people talked about gay people. My religion was not loving towards people with different sexual orientations, so I thought I would go to hell if I […]

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In Love With A Woman And Possibly My Ex-Husband Too

June 15, 2011 Female Q: I left my marriage in November of 2009 because of a lot of different issues. He was addicted to online porn, we never communicated about anything of substance, and i just felt emotionally horrible. I had tried therapists a number of times and all of them said ” you either […]

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