2017 LIKEME® Scholarship Recipients

LIKEME® Scholarship program is proud to announce that it has awarded scholarships for 2017.  Awards go to top students who show commitment to LGBT advocacy, leadership, and grades.

Our Scholarship program again thanks Nate Berkus for his $6,000 donation to our scholarship program, which is earmarked for Shawn Walsh.  Shawn appeared on The Nate Berkus’ TV Show in 2010 to stop bullying in schools.   Shawn’s brother, Seth, was a victim of school bullying which led to suicide.   Shawn’s advocacy has helped bring awareness that “all words have consequences”.

The program wishes it could provide scholarships to all who apply, but our funds are limited.   Please help us to reach more LGBT students.    Any size contribution will go directly to a college freshman who will raise awareness of LGBT needs in their college.   No fees are taken from this scholarship fund.

Simply click “Donate” on this website; or to contact our Treasurer, Charlene Daniels, email Char@likeme.org, or call (816) 974-2907 to arrange donations. Thank you in advance for your donations to this worthy program

2016 Scholarship Recipients 

LIKEME® Scholarship program awarded 13 scholarships in Fall, 2016.  It is the Scholarship’s hope that these students will use their LGBT advocacy at their new colleges to advocate for LGBT issues at their colleges.