2018 LIKEME® Scholarship Awards

LIKEME® scholarship program has selected this year’s scholarship awards for the Fall semester, 2018 in varying amounts.  A student at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, will receive a $1,500 scholarship for outstanding activism in the LGBTQ community, as well as outstanding academics and commitment to community. We hope this pre-med student will give back to the LGBTQ community for years to come.  Another student attending University at Albany in Albany, NY, was also deserving and received a secondary scholarship. A third student with outstanding academics and activism at Wayne University in Detroit, MI, was chosen to receive a secondary scholarship.  Thank you to all those who applied.

The program wishes it could provide scholarships to all who apply, but our funds are limited.   Please help us to reach more LGBT students.    Any size contribution will go directly to a college freshman who will raise awareness of LGBT needs in their college.   No fees are taken from this scholarship fund.

Simply click “Donate” on this website; or to contact our Treasurer, Charlene Daniels, email Char@likeme.org, or call (816) 974-2907 to arrange donations. Thank you in advance for your donations to this worthy program.

2017 Scholarship Recipients    —   LIKEME® Scholarship program awarded four scholarships in 2017.  We thank Nate Berkus and all the other donors who support  students who will advocate for the LGBT community in their new colleges.

2016 Scholarship Recipients   —  LIKEME® Scholarship program awarded 13 scholarships in Fall, 2016.  It is the Scholarship’s hope that these students will use their LGBT advocacy at their new colleges to advocate for LGBT issues at their colleges.