I am truly a man trapped in a woman’s body

Added May 12, 2011

I’ve known since I was little that I was different, I just didn’t truly understand what that meant until about 11 years ago.  I started off living a gay woman’s life with my girlfriend at the time. Then about four years later I became really REAL with myself and started living life the way I really am and that a transgender. I am truly a man trapped in a woman’s body. My family and I do not discuss it. My kids have accepted me and love me anyway. I have a hard time struggling with the fact that I may never have the body that I want because of financial reasons. It’s been a long hard road and many days I feel all alone because I don’t know anyone else like me. When I read Chely’s book it made me realize I’m not alone. I have always loved and respected her but it makes me love and respect her more. I would love nothing else to be able to shake her hand and thank her for being brave enough to be just like me.