I was criticized for being me

Added May 12, 2011

After a 12-year relationship, my partner decides to secretly reconnect with friends through FB without mentioning it to me; often times there were 5-6 hour text sessions. And with several people, but one in particular that she was not FB friends with – and looking at her phone records (that she gave me) is was almost an obsession, this went on for about or more than 9 months.

When she lied about everything, the pain and betrayal was more than I could handle. The she said if you were with me, I would not really be able to “be myself”. That was quite a shock because I was criticized for being me, and criticized for my past the entire 12 years together with her. I knew were unhealthy – she didn’t respect me, we both became resentful of one another and she would not allow me to be my own individual as that is so important in a strong relationship. We talked about that before!!!

When I ran across this website, the motto; LIKE ME, it caught my eye and I thought oh, how true! Just what I am looking for. LIKE ME is about support, respect, being an individual and about who we are meant to be. Also, to seek out ways that we are all similar rather than ways we might be different….although it really is okay to be different and not agree, the goal in the happy individual is acceptance of one another and celebrate each other’s individuality.

When someone zaps your spirit and tries to “change” who you are – and most times the things they were initially attracted to you for….that’s when you know you are in trouble. If we would have known about this organization earlier and together – ..I think it may have been a start in therapy for us, but it’s too late now. All I can do is go forward and be the best person I can be – Be myself, and embrace those around me for – yes, being similar but also different and still showing respect and appreciation for those that ARE different.

I’m glad I found you anyway – it’s a start of positive change about to happen in my life.