My hope is that someday, we’ll all be free to marry

Added May 12, 2011

When I was young, I thought my same-sex attraction was simply wanting to have the body of the other guys I saw. Later, I realized who I was and wanted to hide. And later still, I came to accept me and love who I chose, regardless of social expectation. That is a brave moment and no less brave with the passage of time or political evolution in America. I could die, being what others wanted. Or I could live being honest about me.

As a bisexual man, I’m often asked if my wife knows. Of course she does. And we’re sexually exclusive with each other. Being gay or bisexual doesn’t make me any less capable of true commitment than being straight. I was committed to the men in my life. And now that I’m married, I’m equally committed to my woman. My hope is that someday, we’ll all be free to marry, regardless of who.

Be honest with yourself and with your family and friends. We all need love and we all need support. Don’t do it alone.