Need Help Coming Out To My Parents.

June 15, 2011
Female (Age 19)

Q: I recently came to terms with my sexuality and I am comfortable with who I am but I am afraid to tell my parents and immediate family because I don’t think they will accept me. I’m at my breaking point because I feel like I don’t have anyone to turn to. Having to hide is such an awful thing to deal with. How would you suggest I come out to my parents?

A: Dear Coming Out,

You are very brave to be considering this.  It is never easy to come out when you fear that you will be rejected and not accepted.  Sometimes it takes time for people to accept things they don’t understand.  Be sure you have a really good support system before you do it.  Make sure there are people that love you and accept you that you can turn to if it doesn’t go well.  Once you do, have some resources for your parents.  Have a plan for yourself so when it’s over you have somewhere to go where you will be with loving, accepting people that know what you were doing.  Be brave and select a time that feels right.  But make sure you have built a strong support system.  It gets easier. And coming out is a lifelong task.  Good luck. Be strong and trust yourself.