The Lighthouse Projects

The first LIKEME Lighthouse® was opened in 2011 in Kansas City, MO.   For five years, LIKEME® provided the funds, visibility and leadership to start and successfully operate this LGBT community center.  The center was taken over by a completely separate organization in 2016.  LIKEME® financially supported this new organization for another 13 months, until the prior board was removed.  The new group would not return our equipment, history, social media or our trademarked domain.  We have been in negotiations to regain possession with no success.   LIKEME® is considering trademark infringement action at this time if we cannot recover our trademarked website.

Please be aware that “” is surreptitiously redirected.  Without viewer’s knowledge, donations and comments are being redirected to another website.  Please be aware that any misdirection, inaction or failures on the part of KC Center for Inclusion are not associated with LIKEME® in any way.

LIKEME® Lighthouse’s Future

Once we recover our domain, LIKEME® will start a new LIKEME® Lighthouse in another city to provide education and support to LGBT individuals and their families.


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  • September 15, 2017
    David Mascia

    How close can we be to Kansas City and still get a community center in our town?

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