This is Bible Belt! Nobody’s gonna want a gay teacher.

Added May 5, 2011

At times I wonder if I’ve stepped back into the closet in the five years I’ve been a high school teacher in a rural Missouri town.  As a young adult I came out to my parents, close family, and friends and was out at work.  While I was incredibly anxious about the whole process, it went relatively well.  Granted, my parents had other ideas about how my life should be, but they really couldn’t have been all that surprised.  I never went through any boy crazy phase and always seemed supremely confident and self-assured.  I may have been pretty insecure on the inside, yet it rarely showed on the outside.  Without even realizing it, as I went back to college to become a teacher, I was slowing stepping back into the closet, part of me thinking “this is Bible Belt Missouri……nobody’s gonna want a gay teacher.”  Sadly, that is often true.