Very nervous that my friends would not accept me

Added May 12, 2011

Starting College 13 hours away from home was difficult. But hiding a secret you’ve known for most of your life is more difficult. I started college 13 hours from home, excited and looking forward to being on my own. About a month into college, I felt like the secret I’ve been hiding had been held far too long. I am a lesbian and I didn’t feel ashamed anymore and I did not want to hide any longer. Unlike most, I wasn’t nervous of my family’s acceptance at all. I was however, very nervous that my friends would not accept me. I started by coming out to my mom via a Facebook message, she didn’t answer for a few days mainly because she was very shocked. I then told the rest of my immediate family, who were also pretty shocked but I was accepted and loved without question. A few weeks later I came out to my 2 best friends through Facebook instant message. It went very, very well although they thought I was joking since my friends and I are big jokesters. They were extremely accepting and it could not have gone better. I do plan on coming out to the rest of my friends, still a little nervous about it but I have wonderful people in my life. I am blessed and so thankful for the people I have. Being out is such a relief and being who you are is a wonderful thing.