Nicole Carrasco

Nicole Carrasco is a producer in television. She has been working in primetime network television for over 17 years on shows such as “NYPD Blue”, “ALIAS” and “brothers & sisters”. She is currently working on “perception” which will air on TNT in 2012.

Nicole frequently returns to her alma mater, UC Irvine, to join panels talking and giving advice to college students about careers in television. She also actively guest speaks in production classes at universities breaking down what it takes to get a network television show to the air. She mentors and aids recent graduates, helping them get them their first step into television production.

Along with Sally Field, Matthew Rhys, Luke MacFarlane and her “brothers & sisters” crew, Nicole participated in an “It Gets Better Video” to help prevent teen suicide.

Nicole currently lives in Sherman Oaks, CA with her girlfriend, Erin and their dog Stella.

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