Scholarship Guidelines & Criteria

  1. Award is open to Graduating High School Seniors who can show that they have actively advocated for LGBT issues, such as…. respect and inclusion for LGBT youth, community service at an LGBT resource, involvement and/or attendance of LGBT events, working against teen bullying or teen suicide, and any other activities that improve the condition of the LGBT community and/or improve cultural conditions for LGBT youth.   This list serves as examples only, and each student’s personal, individual advocacy will be different.

    Please use your personal activities and advocacy to demonstrate your commitment to the future of the LGBT community.  The Selection Board will review your advocacy to measure its improvement for LGBT youth and/or the future of the LGBT community.
  2. Award criteria are based on demonstration of past leadership, LGBT community service involvement, financial need, academic credentials, personal essay, future goals, and possibly an individual interview.
  3. Applicants must send the completed written application form to LIKEME®, P. O. Box 1605, Belton, MO 64012.     Application must be received by May 31st to be eligible for Fall semester.   Additional written materials such as recommendation letters, an essay, magazine or newspaper articles, and/or examples of prior demonstrated success in advocating for LGBT youth will facilitate our selection process.   Links to websites will not be reviewed.   Printed copies of web pages will be accepted.   Please help us by providing any materials that you think will support your experiences.
  4. LIKEME® must receive all applications no later than May 31st to be considered for the Fall admissions.   Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  5. Students will be required to maintain a B- average (GPA) to be considered for selection.  Rare exceptions may be considered with explanation of extenuating circumstances.
  6. LIKEME® is not required to award all allotted scholarships annually.  Awards are given only to applicants approved by the Scholarship Committee based on the criteria above.
  7. We will not have restrictions on residency of applicants, nor age requirements.