UMKC Emergency Fund

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UMKC Diversity Program

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Scholarship Program – 2022:
LIKEME®’s scholarship program is currently focused on funding UMKC’s Diversity Program.  Their Emergency Program, which provides emergency funds and services to their LGBT students in need, will be our primary goal for 2022 and forward.


Scholarship Program – 2021:
An Internship Program will replace the 2021 scholarship program. The successful intern is a psychology student at Avila College in Kansas City, Missouri, who will assist the organization with social media, and outreach. The Scholarship Program will announce when it is accepting applications in future years.


Scholarship Award – Suspended for 2020:
LIKEME® Scholarships has awarded over $30,000 in scholarships to 35 LGBT-supportive students over the last nine years.  Unfortunately, due to questionable school openings from the COVID-19 pandemic and our financial constraints, the Scholarship Program has been suspended until a clear path forward is determined.


Scholarship Awards – 2018 & 2019:
Update:  Shawn’s mother advises that Shawn joined the Marines and is proudly serving his country. Nate Berkus has requested that his scholarship funds be used to help other deserving LGBT students and those awards have been made. We again thank Nate for his generosity to our scholarship program.


Scholarship Awards – 2017:
LIKEME® Scholarship program is proud to announce that it has awarded scholarships. Awards go to top students to show excellence in LGBT advocacy, leadership, and grades.

Our Scholarship program again thanks Nate Berkus for his $6,000 donation to our scholarship program, earmarked for Shawn, who appeared on The Nate Berkus’ TV Show in 2010 to stop bullying in schools. Shawn’s brother, Seth, was a victim of school bullying which led to suicide. Shawn’s advocacy has helped bring awareness that “all words have consequences”.


Scholarship Announcements – 2016:
LIKEME® Scholarship program is proud to announce that it has awarded thirteen scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are going to colleges across the country in Fall, 2016, raising our 2016 budget to $6,500. These top 13 students showed excellence in LGBT advocacy, leadership, grades, success, and financial need. It is the Scholarship’s hope that these students will use their LGBT advocacy at their new colleges to start groups and events that raise awareness of LGBT needs. Schools represented are:

Louisiana State University Louisiana
Missouri State University Missouri
West Virginia University West Virginia
Florida International University Florida
Middlesex Community College Massachusetts
University of Chicago Illinois
Murray State College Oklahoma
Santa Clara University California
Rowan College of Burlington County New Jersey
Maryland Institute of Art Maryland
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Kennesaw State University Georgia
Brown University Rhode Island


Scholarship Announcements – 2011 – 2015:
LIKEME® Scholarship program awarded scholarships to a total of 20 deserving high school seniors who would be attending their first year of college, from the east coast to the west coast, with a budget total of $10,000 over four years.