I am a ‘male to female’ CD/Crossdresser

My ‘story or journey’ is pretty simple. I am a ‘male to female’ CD/Crossdresser. I have always had a hidden desire for women’s clothes, heels, makeup, etc. So I started ‘trying or dressing’ in my early teens in my moms and my neighbor’s clothes when I was house sitting for them. I fell in love with the feeling of these items. Then for years I did not dress, then in the mid 90s, I started again, and then found the internet. Then it was another world!!! Yes I have did the ‘purging thing’ and few times, but kept coming back to it. I consider myself pretty well ‘out’, I just mainly keep it from my family, they have once already ‘stop talking and speaking’ to me, but they think I still don’t do it. But I have a deep feeling for this, and really love doing it. I don’t do it for anyone…just for me.

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