I hope to one day be able to live life openly without fear

My journey has only recently begun in some ways and yet it has taken a lifetime to get even this far. I am finding my way to me and have a wonderful love in my life. I only wish I could fully be who I am becoming in the midst of those I love and respect. I am thankful for the support I do have and hope to one day be able to live life openly without fear of harsh judgments and prejudice. I have strong faith and this perhaps puzzles some but I am who I am and will be who I have been whether people know or not. I am coming to accept this about myself later in life than most people and this makes for some very difficult choices. I am finding that others who are searching are finding their way into my life and it is opening my eyes to those who need hope.

I have great respect for Chely for being so brave (and I’m a big fan of country music) and giving a voice to those of us who may not fit the standard mold of what people think we are. I also am very thankful that Jennifer Knapp chose to also brave the storm and stand in the ranks (have been a fan for years and years). Strong, confident women are making their voices heard and this makes a huge difference. I look forward to learning more about myself and my community (I’m starting to embrace that more) and think this website is a great idea.

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