I know that I’m at the beginning of an important process

I always felt different and misunderstood while growing up. I was a good daughter and an ideal student who tried her best to hide her attraction to other girls. It was a source of embarrassment and shame that I locked away deep inside of myself and hoped that no one noticed.

My sexuality caught up with me this past year in the form of a deep depression that forced me to take an honest look at myself and my life. Today, I’m working through my issues with the help of a therapist. I’m a stay at home mom who is married to a wonderful man. To the world, I have everything a girl could possibly ask for but I struggle with my identity and uncertainty every day. My husband and closest friends know about me but I’m still too afraid to come out to my homophobic family and other friends.

I know that I’m at the beginning of an important process. But for all of the emotional turmoil that I’m going through, I feel a peace beginning to settle inside of me that won’t allow me to bury myself in the closet again. Organizations like yours are a blessing. Thank you to Chely Wright for her courage and for writing her book. “Like Me” provided a great deal of encouragement and comfort both to myself and to other women in my support group.

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