I spent 28 1/2 years in the military

I have known I am different since I was eleven years old…didn’t know it had a name however. Found that out when I joined the military in 1966. During that tour of duty, I spent 15 months in Germany (where I learned that not every country frowns on gays and lesbians) and 18 months in Vietnam. I too faced suicide after returning from Vietnam because I had to hide who I was!!! I wanted to make the military my career but I had to sacrifice my integrity to do so. Serving in the military, being my passion in life, won out!!! I spent 28 1/2 years in the military and finally retired in 1999. I started the new millennium FREE and totally out of the closet!!!

Chely, thank you for your courage and what you are doing to make young people’s lives better!!!

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