Should I Have Told My Friend?

June 15, 2011
Female (Age 18)

Q: I have come out in less than a year since I met Chely. But last night I told a friend how I felt before I met Chely. I told her that I wanted to kill myself. & now she’s acting very distant. Should I have not told her? What should I do now?

A: Dear Telling a Friend,

First I hope the feeling of wanting to kill yourself is gone.  Nothing is worth ending your life over.  If you still have those feelings, please go to a hospital and get help right away.  Now as for your friend, that might need to end.  What kind of friend gets distant when you share something that personal and scary?  I would say, find some new friends — people that will grow to love and support you through all the good and bad times in life.  End the friendship.  Find some friends that you can talk to and that you have common interests with.  Go enjoy this crazy world.  Save yourself.  Be happy. Have Fun.

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