Charlene Daniels

Charlene Daniels (Char) spent nearly 18 years at Marion Laboratories, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, holding the position of Assistant to the President of Operations when the company was sold. She then chose to start her own business, and now owns CCST Properties, a rental property concern in the Kansas City area.

She serves as Treasurer and Board Member of Reading, Writing & Rhythm, Chely’s music education charity, from 2001 to present. Since Chely’s coming out, Char has grown to see the importance of LIKE ME’s mission. She is now totally committed to bringing inclusion and respect to the gay community through LIKE ME®.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Ottawa University. Her interests include flying, art, small adventures with her family, friends; and her spare time is consumed with creating a LIKE ME® Lighthouse in the Kansas City area.

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