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People thought it was okay to judge and harass me

I’m 19 years old. I’m gay. In junior high, I barely knew who I was, but people who had even less of an idea of who I was than I did thought it was okay to judge and harass me. It got better. It got better because my friends were there for me. It gets […]

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Growing Up in Smalltown Alabama

Although a bit more progressive by comparison with other small towns in my state — due in great part to the university community – it was a tough place for a young lesbian nonetheless. I was from a well-respected family, was popular in high school with plenty of friends and boyfriends, but I tried to […]

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I had begun to become suicidal again during my sophomore year

I grew up as an Air Force brat from divorced parents and knew by the age of 5 that I was different. I was your typical tomboy always playing outside and hanging out with the boys. Life was great until I started having hard crushes on both my babysitter and on my friend’s big sister […]

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It feels so good to be myself and gay

I have recently come out as being a gay man. I was married and now all that has ended. It feels so good to be out and proud now. I have always liked men and enjoyed being with a man. Society dictated that marriage to a female was the way but now I am not […]

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