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People thought it was okay to judge and harass me

I’m 19 years old. I’m gay. In junior high, I barely knew who I was, but people who had even less of an idea of who I was than I did thought it was okay to judge and harass me. It got better. It got better because my friends were there for me. It gets […]

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I was bullied relentlessly

Well, I wish I could say my Coming Out and early life as a lesbian was all sweetness, bunny rabbits and candy canes but it wasn’t. When I told my mum, she looked at me and went; “Yeah, I know. Put the kettle on, but don’t tell your stepdad!” it was hugely anticlimactic really. My […]

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It was religion, not God, that shunned me

I grew up in a not so small but very religious town. When I was eight my father left us because he was gay. It wasn’t long after that time that I realized I like girls, but I was determined not to be gay. My church said it was wrong, my friends said it was […]

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